Eeek! First Blog…..

yup…a blogging virgin……

Ok, so it’s about time I wrote something – I had all good intentions to keep you up to date with whats happening at belle and olive HQ each week but some weeks are just bonkers and time management is not one of my strong points.

A little about me to begin with….I am hurtling toward 50 at an alarming rate of knots, can’t be right as I still feel about 25 in my head!  I live with my husband and  children in Nottinghamshire, have a mad Jack Russell Terrier, ten feisty chickens a large allotment and my self created business ‘belle and olive’.




I have done a myriad of jobs in the past from working in a garden centre, a kitchen, a lot of retail and four years as a holiday rep….eeek!   However I have always been very creative and about three years ago the opportunity arose to pursue my dream of having my own creative business…and here we are!

belle and olive has evolved over those years and now I mainly work with textiles and mixed media in the form of buttons, beads, yarns and other bits and bobs of preferably old haberdashery.

I might be described as a bit quirky and I have very eclectic tastes in clothing and music amongst many other things – variety is healthy…..and doesn’t everybody hang lampshades in their polytunnel?


Suzanne x