The latest chapter for belle and olive…

…….yup don’t die of shock …I have finally got around to a second chapter in the belle and olive story.

Well things have been busy since last I wrote, events, stock making, stocking the Etsy shop and life in general.  The biggest piece of news along with a super new stockist ( Karina Goodman – Studio 61) is that the ‘Cabin’  – the new shed quarters for belle and olive is almost finished.

Its been a bit of a slog but with a smidge more painting to do etc I am almost ready to fill it with lots of scrumptious materials to make more belle and olive loveliness with.  Heres how it went…..




So it all began with the removal of the coniferous hedge, clearing of the lower garden and moving the bamboo plants…quite a task but it gave us enough firewood for next winter.




An exciting day when the components of the cabin arrived – all hands on deck to unload the lorry.




Yup, it was a flat pack with instructions – a bit like very big Lego.

With a bit of extra man and woman power the bearers and frame were built on the prepared base….I recall this being a bit of a muddy and cold day.



Surprisingly it went up really quickly – we were all new to log cabin building but it seemed fairly straightforward at this stage.  It felt such a long way off my dream studio at that time still.


The dogs were no help at all and were there in a purely supervisory role…..whilst putting a lot of muddy paw prints onto the nice clean pine wood.


Day one finished with putting the roof on…with a bit of extra help from a small person.



…and now the even more exciting bit…building the workbench – I can’t wait to be sat here creating things!




Workbench complete…



…and a completely frazzled husband……what an amazing man – to buy and build this for me, its a dream and I can’t thank him enough…..maybe he just wants me and all my creative materials out the house 😉




Roof shingles on and ready for a coat of preservative then onto the interior decoration and fitting.  I shall bring you up to date with the next stage very soon.



Suzanne xx